Title: 2013-01-25T14:39:22.034-08:00
please substitute the fried rice for white rice, and get hot oil a side extra
Title: 2012-11-25T19:50:20.734-08:00
I ordered food from your website about an hour ago. It's almost 11PM and my order has still not arrived. I have been calling the store repeatedly to check the status, but have received no answer. At this time I would like to cancel my order and suggest that you update your system. An answering machine or a posting of your hours of operation would be incredibly helpful. Thank you. - Samantha IN REGARDS TO: Order for: Michael Gebert at 109 Osage Avenue, Somerdale NJ
Title: Wrong item2/26/2016 5:32:14 PM
Ordered eel combo through beyond menu. It was supposed to come with an eel cucumber roll. What I got was an eel avocado roll. I am allergic to avocado. 2/26/2016.
Title: So disappointed2/15/2013 9:58:30 AM
We order from Hewa all the time. They tell us it will be ready in 20 minutes, we know that it will be ready in 30 minutes. Fine. Ordered from them on Valentine's Day. First clue should have been when the line was busy the first few times I tried to call. Placed the order and we were told it would be ready in 30 minutes. Went to pick it up after 45 minutes had passed. Was told it would be another 5-10 minutes before it was done. That was last anyone even acknowledged someone was waiting. They were so busy. I get it. But another 30 minutes passed and still no order. Walked out. Don't know if we'll be back. Ashame, because we always loved the food.
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